Research Activity

Busy reading and writing for the past couple of months, I’ve neglected to update this blog….

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I gave a public lecture (ca. 45 minutes, and in German!) at the IFK called “Entkabelung. Zur Mediengeschichte der Drahtlosigkeit.” My lecture was structured around my current research on the popular wireless icon and the history of signal strength indicators.

I wrote up some this research as a short text for Bernhard Garnicnig of the Viennese Palais des Beaux Arts: “A Little History of the Wireless Icon” / “Eine kleine Geschichte des Wireless Icons.”

I was interviewed about my doctoral project by Günter Hack, a reporter from the ÖRF who wrote his dissertation on the early history of computing in Germany and has since been investigating Net politics in his journalism. He wrote up an excellent account of our interview under the title “Wie das Unsichtbare Spuren hinterlässt.”

I also gave a more personal interview with Ernst Schmiederer for his column “Drinnen/Draußen” in the Austrian edition of Die Zeit (image below: “Mit den Wellen leben”). His interviews, either with Austrians living abroad or with foreigners living in Austria–all of which make for great reads–have been collected in the book Import/Export.